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Brown Rice Nutrition

What’s better in a diet Brown rice or Wheat rice or White? Give me nutrition facts please?

Or is White better I looked at the nutrition facts and prepared it differs a lot of kcal, fats and carbohydrates… All different kinds of rice also apply to this question, which one is better to use than all others????

Whole wheat is better than those who are not whole wheat. Since white rice is not whole wheat but brown and black is then they are better. This fact is for any grain products not only rice. The reason is because whole wheat products digest more slowly while not whole wheat products digest fast. The slow digesting grains gives your body slow released energy what lasts up to 4 hours and and keeps your blood sugar levels steady. Like this your body have enough of time and it can use all energy and not store it as fat. Fast digesting grains gives you fast energy boost and sugar release in your bloodstream. Your body simply can’t use all this energy at once because it is too much for that moment and it stores it as fat. Nutrition facts are not that important, well at least for grains. They both, whole wheat and not whole wheat, contain almost the same amount of calories carbs and protein. The thing you should watch are fast digesting carbohydrates and slow digesting carbohydrates. Of course, like I said, slow digesting carbohydrates (whole wheat) is better cos of above reasons.

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